Balls vs Blocks Online GAME INFO

Balls vs Blocks Online is the brand new smash hit mobile game that has got the world gripped due to it's simple yet addictive gameplay.

You will be taking control of a snake of balls and the aim is to then try and navigate as long as you possibly can while eating other balls to grow your snake.

It sounds simple but Balls vs Blocks online isn't quite that easy, throughout the level you will run into different walls of blocks each of which has a number within them. Your job is to try and get through the blocks if there is a gap available to you because running through one of the blocks will take away as many balls on your snake as shown in the block.

Sometimes you will run into walls that have no space at all so you will need to quickly look at the numbers and determine the lowest and choose to go through that one so that your snake of balls takes as little damage as possible.

Your reflex skills won't only be tested but also your brain as you will need to quickly take in the information and then navigate the best possible route.

If you accidentally run through a block that has a number within it that is higher than the number of your snake then your turn is unfortunately over and you'll need to start again!

As we mentioned Balls vs Blocks is primarily a mobile game so to get the best out of it we suggest you download it via the app stores for your smart phones. The developers Voodoo games currently offer a free version which has ads throughout it or if you find yourself super hooked and the ads getting pesky a premium version is also available at $2.99 which will remove the ads and allow you to focus fully!

How To Play Balls vs Blocks Online