Angry Birds Online

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Angry Birds Online

Angry Birds Online GAME INFO

Angry Birds Online should not need much of an introduction any more as it took the global population storm way back in 2009 when it was first released on the iOS by Finnish based game developers Rovio Entertainment.

Since its first release we have had numerous new games and content along with literally every type of merchandise you can think of as well as its very own theme park!

The aim of the game is to fling different types of birds across each level into structures and attempt to knock the structures down which are housing some rather pesky green pigs hiding throughout them!

You will earn higher points and star ratings from each level the less birds you use to fire from the sling shot so checking out the structure and where you want to try and aim your angry birds is a good idea before blindly tossing them across the map!

In this first version of angry birds online you will be able to access 21 action packed levels which you must try to complete before moving onto the next stages where you will unlock even more bird flinging fun!

How To Play Angry Birds Online

  • Aim
  • Fire