Agario Online

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Agario Online

Agario Online GAME INFO

Agario Online or as it is also better known is both a free online multiplayer game and smartphone/tablet game which in 2015 has taken the world by storm in terms of its popularity and userbase.

The game was originally created by a developer named Matheus Valadares but was published and pushed to the forefront of the world by Miniclip games.

You will be in control initially of a small round cell which represents a petri dish who needs to navigate around a rectangular map attempting to eat as many smaller cells as you can so that you can grow.

The game will automatically scatter tiny cells across the map for all players to easily try feed on to get larger however each player will not be playing alone and must avoid any larger cells that you may come across.

The smaller your cell is the faster you will be able to move around the map which also allows you to steer clear from any larger cells that you may come into contact with however, every player has the ability to split their cell which means they can fire exactly half of their current cell mass over opponent players, if the cell that splits covers the smaller cell and is over 33% larger than the smaller cell then it will eat it and the larger cell then gains whatever mass the smaller one was carrying.

If a player splits their cell, they must then navigate around the map in a cool down period before the cells can merge back into one. This adds an element of skill to the game as you can not just keep splitting your cell constantly as it makes you a very vulnerable target to larger cells than you or even cells that are very similar in mass who have not actually split.

Players also have the ability to fire off small pieces of mass by pressing the W key on their keyboard, this can be done for various reasons, to either try and speed up slightly if getting chased by a larger cell around the map, to feed other cells or team mates or even to bait smaller opponent cells into trying to pick up the mass so that you can get them near to you and then splitting and eating them when they get close.

How To Play Agario Online

  • Move Around Map
    Move Around Map
  • Eject Mass
    Eject Mass
  • Split Cell
    Split Cell