Wrath of Zombies is an action packed fun filled top down shooter game with some amazing built in features that will keep you playing for hours.

You will initially start out with a basic pistol and attempt to move across the map avoiding incoming zombies while the game automatically fires for you when close to enemies.

As you complete each level you will earn gold coins and XP. As you manage to stack both these up, the fun begins when you head to the in game upgrade screens which will allow you to increase your characters abilities such as health, power, speed and grenade throwing abilities.

Try to unlock and power up all weapons, levels, guns and quests to make your character the strongest possible and take on the huge bosses at the end of each chapter.

Wrath of Zombies is a super fun game and don't worry about leaving the game and coming back at a later date to finish it as you will be able to carry on right where you left off just as long as you come back and play right here at

How To Play

  • Move Direction
    Move Direction
  • Throw Grenade
    Throw Grenade