Temple Run Online

Temple Run Online has finally landed and is now free to play on your desktop PC! Can you escape from the ancient temple after finding a long lost relic? Things werenít too challenging on the way into the temple but now that you have picked up the golden relic, you have just awoken the Demon Monkeys that were tasked with protecting it! Run over the temple walls, take twists and turns as you look to escape from the Demon Monkey pack that are chasing you and wonít stop until they have what they want. We are also aware that the creators have now released a sequel to the game and we are on the look out to try and bring you temple run 2 online as soon as we can but you just need to hold tight for now!

4.2799 3144
Wack, waste of time! I Love This Game!

Temple Run Online

Controls Temple Run Online Controls:

Run with your MOUSE and jump with SPACE bar

Temple Run Online is one of our Misc Games which you can play right here for free at Free-Games.net! It has now been played 7234150 times and has been rated 4.2799 from 3144 votes. Temple Run Online is only one of the many Misc Games we offer, if you fancy playing similar games then we suggest maybe trying out Cosmic Rocks or Park It 3D Airplanes.