Mortal Kombat Online

Mortal Kombat made its name as one of the biggest console based fighting games on the market and with a vast following we are pleased to be able to bring the brilliance of the game to you to play completely free and without download. Select your fighter and make your way through the various opponents that are standing in your way on the road to being crowned as the ultimate fighting champion of the world. Punch, kick and counter your opponents as you look to push them into a state of submission before finishing them with a deadly blow. A console classic that we know will please all of you fighting game fans!

4.18518 837
Wack, waste of time! I Love This Game!

Mortal Kombat Online

Controls Mortal Kombat Online Controls:

Arrows - Move

A - Punch

D - Kick

S - Block

Mortal Kombat Online is one of our Action Games which you can play right here for free at! It has now been played 80777 times and has been rated 4.18518 from 837 votes. Mortal Kombat Online is only one of the many Action Games we offer, if you fancy playing similar games then we suggest maybe trying out Kamikaze Pigs or Shuffle Island.