Combat 3

Combat 3 throws you into a modern day battle zone as the terrorists attack and you are part of the specialist team that are tasked with taking out their elite soldiers that will be protecting their leader. Work your way through the buildings and maps as you advance on their position and try to take them out one troop at a time.

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Wack, waste of time! I Love This Game!

Combat 3

Controls Combat 3 Controls:

WASD - Move // Mouse - Aim and Fire // C - Crouch

Combat 3 is one of our Shooting Games which you can play right here for free at! It has now been played 7636 times and has been rated 4.33333 from 78 votes. Combat 3 is only one of the many Shooting Games we offer, if you fancy playing similar games then we suggest maybe trying out The Mine or Hambo.