Bubble Shooter

Bubble Shooter is the classic puzzle game which would no doubt be classed as pretty retro now considering the speed of way online games have progressed! You will be shown a screen of different colored bubbles and you will have a cannon which you need to fire colored bubbles into in the aim of trying to match trios of bubbles. If you manage to make a 3 match those bubbles will be removed from the screen and the aim is to try and clear all of the bubbles as fast as you can before the time runs out or your screen gets too full!

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Wack, waste of time! I Love This Game!

Bubble Shooter

Controls Bubble Shooter Controls:

Mouse - Aim and Fire

Bubble Shooter is one of our Puzzle Games which you can play right here for free at Free-Games.net! It has now been played 130532 times and has been rated 3.98824 from 170 votes. Bubble Shooter is only one of the many Puzzle Games we offer, if you fancy playing similar games then we suggest maybe trying out Home Sheep Home 2 or Pursuit Of Hat 2.