Angry Birds Online

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Angry Birds Online

Angry Birds Online has become one of the biggest free gaming titles in the history of the market and thanks to the success that the game series had through mobile devices, the game is still proving to be one of the most searched for free online games to date.

Minding their own business, the birds are faced with a whole new challenge as Space Pigs land on their planet with the intention to steal all of the golden eggs that the birds have, making them angry and ready for battle.

Enter into the battle as you side with the Angry Birds to protect your eggs from the pigs, flinging the birds into action using the huge catapult found at the side of the level but remember that these pigs are hungry and they will be looking to see off the challenge that you offer!

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Controls Angry Birds Online Controls:

Use your mouse to pull back the sling shot and aim then fire!