After Sunset

The undead have never been silent in their rest, instead the clock has struck midnight and they are hungry, raising to the surface as they go on the hunt for their next fix of human brains, but with you the only one about it means that you are going to have to fight to survive. Blast the zombies back into the graves in which they rose and keep moving in order to avoid being an easy meal for the zombies that are determine to get their hands on you.

4.13333 75
Wack, waste of time! I Love This Game!

After Sunset

Controls After Sunset Controls:

Use the arrow keys to move, the X button to shoot your weapon and the Z button to switch to your alternative weapon.

After Sunset is one of our Action Games which you can play right here for free at! It has now been played 6669 times and has been rated 4.13333 from 75 votes. After Sunset is only one of the many Action Games we offer, if you fancy playing similar games then we suggest maybe trying out Saloon Brawl or Zombies Dont Run.