Privacy Policy

Here at we understand exactly how much you hate waking up in a morning and finding that you have a shed load of spam and marketing emails in your inbox, we know how you feel about it as we feel the same way!

This means that we PROMISE never to sell, rent or abuse your contact information for anything,
So if you want to subscribe to our feed so that you can get the latest games and additions sent directly to your inbox, you can do it safe in the knowledge that we won't be doing anything other than that with your details!

Information We Collect and How?

So you have just landed on our site and you want to know what this 'cookie' is that is trying to find its way onto your computer...

Don't Worry!

We use cookies in a bid to improve your gaming experience with us, allowing us to see the games that you like to play, keeping you logged into our members area if you have registered with us and that it.

Yep, that's it.

We DON'T collect any personal information from you through the use of cookies as these are non-malicious (kind of cute little creatures) cookies that simply want to aid your experience on the site.

We have been careful to make sure that these don't even sit on your computer for longer than you would need, meaning that these cookies self-remove themselves anytime between 1-24 hours after you have finished on the site.

If you return to the site within that time, no other little cookies are added to your browser, we just want to keep them clean, relevant and quite selfishly, to ourselves!