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Welcome to! We are very proud to say we are one of the most visited online flash game websites on the internet today and there is a reason for that! We only add the highest rated games from all over the web onto our site because we know gamers hate lame games!

Because we don't sitelock the games it gives us the opportunity to list any free game here from across the internet so if there's ever a great game released you can bet ya bottom dollar we'll have it over here free for you to play! New games are released to the world on a daily basis and because of that we add games daily as well so we keep it fresh, we don't hold back and only upload new games on certain days, if a new game is released we get it listed as soon as possible so make sure to keep checking in on a daily basis or bookmark us to make sure you never miss out!

If you have a favourite game and for some strange reason don't see it over here on we actually urge you to email us and tell us, if that game passes the usual 'is this a good game' checks we'll get it uploaded here for you after all we're here to look after you guys the gamers!

It's 2014 now and we know how much you all love social sites such as Facebook and Twitter so make sure you like us and follow us and keep up to date with what we're doing, we release all the newest games and upcoming features first over on those sites and we love getting your feedback from them so if we're not shaping up to how you think we should be... Tell us!

We have also created another site which is dedicated solely to amazing free online monster truck games! so if those sort of games are something you're interested in make sure you head over and check the collection out!

If you are a parent and you want to try help your kids learn math we suggest you head over to who have a huge amount of great maths related games to help them build their knowledge!